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Reilly Lada #29 Senior Spotlight

Reilly Lada Senior Spotlight

Player Name: Reilly Lada
Player #: #29
Position: Goalie.
When did you first start playing hockey?
5 years old.
What are your interests outside of hockey?
Family, girlfriend, friends.
What is your most memorable West Allegheny hockey moment?
Beating Montour and the celebration after with my teammates.
Your biggest fan(s):
My sister, parents grandparents, Chad and the Green Family!
Which professional player would you most like to meet and why?
Marc Andre Fleury ask how he became the goalie he is today.
If you were selected as an NHL player, what would be your first purchase?
Mercedes Brabus G-wagon.
Plans after graduation and intended field of study:
Real estate and Investing.
Favorite quote:
You do not write your life with words, you write it with actions, what you think is not important, It is only important what you do. -Patrick Ness