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Maxwell Tepsic #17 Senior Spotlight

Max Tepsic Senior Spotlight

Player Name: Max Tepsic

Player #:  17

Position:  Center

When did you first start playing hockey?  Age 8

What are your interests outside of hockey?  Skiing, Hiking, Outdoor activities

What is your most memorable West Allegheny hockey moment? Winning the Christmas Invitational Tournament my freshman year.

Your biggest fan(s):  My Family

Which professional player would you most like to meet and why?  Sidney Crosby, he has had extreme success as a professional player and in international play. 

If you were selected as an NHL player, what would be your first purchase?  A new Range Rover.

Plans after graduation and intended field of study:  Attend College (unknown field of study)

Favorite quote:  "If you set your goals ridiculously high, and its a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” - James Cameron